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High School Musical 2......

Wow...I can't believe I did it!! I made it all the way through High School Musical 2, without throwing up!! 

I have NEVER liked anything girly, or pop-flavored, so I figured I wouldn't like the movie. I never really paid much attention to the first one when my daughter insisted on having it...I just knew I didn't like the music.

But I found the dialogue to be surprisingly witty, and even the songs weren't too horrible this time around. The hilariously over-the-top musical sequence where Sharpay is showing the "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a" song-and-dance routine to Troy nearly had me rolling in the floor, laughing. My kids looked at me like I was nuts.

I wonder what that says about me? :-/

LOL...maybe I should go back and watch the first one.


It's been awhile!!

Wow! It's been a minute since I updated! LOL. And soooo much has happened, too!

First off, it's my son Ben's sixth birthday today! Since his brother's birthday is in March, and most of our family and would-be party guests live out of town, we usually do one big party for the both of them in February. So we just ate supper at my parents' house and let him blow out a big candle shaped like a number 6, on top of a small chocolate cake. We also let him open a few presents, saving the bulk of them for the big party. :-)

In other news, the kids are all doing well in school...those who are old enough to go. Autumn has been making all A's in first grade, Ben is at the top of the learning curve in Kindergarten (actually, he's already read off all of the second grade word lists! Yay, Ben!! ^_^), and Austin is enjoying his preschool class immensely. Angelina and Aiden are still home with me, but next year it will just be my little man, while sister goes off to preschool. I'm almost there! Woot!! LOL.

We also just changed churches! We're still LDS...but our ward got divided in two parts. We were going to Florence ward, which is a fair size, but they re-zoned our area so that everything south of the Tennessee River...which includes Sheffield (our city), Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, etc...is now a part of the Russellville ward. Which is about 30 minutes farther to drive!! It's a smaller building and member turn-out, but I'm sure that will change. It's so exciting to see the church growing in our area! X-D An interesting note, though...the new building we're in used to be a morgue. So...where the kitchen is, used to be the body-dissection area. Eeeek! :-S

Hairwise, I'm growing!! ^_^ Yay!! I measured at 40 1/4" at the beginning of January, and will be measuring again in March. If I can keep my hands off of the tape measure that long. I may make my husband hide it from me until March, just to be on the safe side. LOL. :-P

I'll try to keep up better with my LJ!! I miss posting, but it seems like I just don't have time much anymore, what with all the other sites I've joined lately like LHC and Facebook. :-)


Oh yeah...I almost forgot...

Monday was the oldest two kids' parent-teacher conference day.

Autumn is doing very well; she is one of the top readers in her class! Her teacher says she's on List 7, when some of the kids are still on List 1. She had a little trouble settling in at first, but I know she's really enjoying school. And the teacher let me know that whatever we're doing at home is working. That makes you feel good as a parent! :)

I wasn't so sure about Ben. I dragged my feet to his conference, worrying about what the teacher would say! But there was no need. He's doing well also! YAY!!!  X-D  We're still working with him on his behavior, but he has really improved since the beginning of the school year. He's still the only one in the class who can read, LOL, which is cool. :)

They should get report cards Friday. I'm sure they will be good, after reports like that!


Well, the party was Saturday, and I think it went well! 

It was really nice to have simplified the event to the point that I could actually mingle and socialize with our guests! Normally, with the theme parties, when you plan so many games and activities, it's hard to shuttle the kids from one thing to the next. And the mess is tremendous!! (Although, my family is usually pretty nice about volunteering to help clean up)

This year, with a simplified menu and no over-the-top party games, the house really didn't look that much messier afterward than it does on a daily basis. With five kids...ok, six, counting hubby...it can get pretty bad sometimes. Just use your imagination! ;) But we just did pizza, chips, a veggie tray, and cupcakes. We needed no flatware whatsoever; all finger foods!

The surprise guest was my husband's sister, who lives in Memphis, TN. We had invited her family, but had not really expected them to be able to make it. But...she came! And brought her three kids, who are 10, 6, and 1.

Other guests included another family with five kids; one with four kids; a mom of two; my parents, step-parents, in-laws, and brother; my grandparents, aunt and uncle; and of course, my own kids. Lol. :P So...a houseful, yes!

The girls got a lot of clothing, money, coloring books and crayons, a couple of Bratz dolls (which I think are cute! So many people hate them, Lol), the new Barbie movie, a few Veggie-Tales DVDs we didn't have, and a few other toys I can't remember. (Sorry! Lol)

Angelina's actual birthday is this Saturday, the 27th, so we'll do something special just for her on that day! Ditto that for Autumn, on October 2. :)

Well, actually it will be my daughters' party. It's tomorrow from 4-6pm, and it's for my two daughters whose birthdays fall five days apart. The oldest, Autumn, will be 7 on Oct. 2, and Angelina will be 2 on Sep. 27. Since most of our family live out of town, we throw the girls one big party, to save everyone on gasoline (and us on pizza & hot dogs!).

This isn't your typical "us"-type of party. Usually, we do a theme, but this time, since there has been so much drama over the summer, we're keeping it simple. Paper plates, cups, and napkins from the Dollar Tree with balloons on them. Pizza from Little Caesars (8 Large pizzas. Yeah, that sounds simple, right? Lol.). Tinkerbell-themed cupcakes from Walmart bakery. Beats the heck out of me slaving over a kitchen counter all afternoon, piping out icing flowers, only to have them snatched away by five sets of small hands, and occasionally one set of Daddy-sized hands, from behind my back. Now I'm no Duff from Ace of Cakes, but I'm pretty darn good at cakes. I come from a long line of decorative bakers. I would be cut off from the will if I didn't know how to bake or sew.

Over the past 7 years, we have done princesses, pirates, cowboys, luau, fiesta, zoo animals (mostly from the Madagascar movie), Barbie...jeeze, I don't know if there's anything we haven't tried! But this summer, my husband lost his job at the beginning of July. The company he worked for manufactured windows for RVs and boats. Since gas prices have been so high, they had to lay off a lot of people at the RV plant...and so forth, on down the line until they got to the glass plant. Ah, well, them's the times, as my grandma would (and does frequently) say. So we were really short on money, with 5 small children and no income other than unemployment compensation. We did not even see any child support this summer from my ex, as he has been out of a job as well.

Long story short, (too late!) I did not get to do my semi-annual huddle with my mom and mom-in-law over our collection of Oriental Trading Company catalogs. So no themed party this year. Unless you count the theme as "Family Appreciation", but I doubt any of the children invited would be able to grasp that. :\

With grown-ups and children, if everyone I invited shows up, we should have 47 people in my house tomorrow afternoon. Now is the time to thank my Lord and Saviour above that the house was built in 1935, and has 10-foot ceilings and a HUGE foyer area. (I wish I hadn't put that piano right inside the front door now...but it seemed like the perfect place for it at the time!) It's perfect because I ordered exactly 48 cupcakes from Walmart. No more, no less, to quote the penguin from Oswald.

Hopefully, my parents will take my advice, and not buy the girls the most expensive toys on the market, and make the rest of us po' folks look bad! My mom and stepdad are LOADED. And they don't like to travel, and they don't want a bunch of cars, or a boat. (Or an RV. Darn, says my husband.) So what are they going to do with all that cash? Pack it away in a savings account and build my brother and I a nifty inheritance? Nope, of course not! They're going to spend it on their five precious grandkids! (I don't think, for the record, that my brother will EVER have kids. I think I've scared him away from it!) My kids have toys on top of their toys. And they break them, which puts my husband and I in a predicament: We want to teach our kids to play carefully and to take care of their toys, but the ones my parents get them are probably the most brittle, carry the tiniest pieces, and make the most messes. Where do you begin on something like that? :P

So, maybe tomorrow will go smoothly, no one will mind the lack of a party theme, and the kids will get something nice...but not TOO nice. ;)


I don't know why I'm so uber-obsessed with my hair lately. It was super long in high school - at 46 inches, it was almost 4 feet long, and down to my knees - but I didn't really care too much about it. I wore it up in buns and braids, and didn't really show it off. I cut it back to mid-lower back length in my first year of college, since it wouldn't all fit under my marching band helmet. My scholarship was mainly coming from being in the band, so I had to comply, and I wasn't really upset about it at the time. Hair was hair!

Now, however, it's 36 inches long, right at 3 feet, and at my tailbone again. Not that I haven't cut it, it just grows fast! I was sitting on it in November of last year, and cut nearly 7 inches of it off, to even it up. But for some reason, now I want it to grow. (And we all know what Murphy's Law would say on this point: If you didn't care about it, it grew...so now that you want it to grow, it doesn't! *sigh*) I've been joining long-hair enthusiast groups and websites all over the net, and researching ways to make sure I don't stunt my hair's growth, such as using special oils that cost $400 per 6 oz. bottle. No thank you! It goes without saying, that as a stay-at-home mom of 5 kids under 7 years of age, I don't have that kind of money to throw around!

There's a verse in the Bible's New Testament, 1 Cor. 11:15..."But if a woman should have long hair, it is a glory to her." Some religions teach that to cut your hair is wrong. I personally, being Mormon, do not agree with that, since I don't see it written out anywhere in the restored Gospel! However, I will say that some of the ladies who do take that whole chapter seriously have some of the most gorgeous hair in the world! (Well, I do tend to prefer it to be even on the bottom, but it's pretty, nonetheless) I love that verse, and it's true, a woman's hair is her glory!

What always irritates me, now that I'm aware of my hair length, is the high school-aged teen girls who have shorter hair, but want their long haired counterparts to cut theirs off too. I have heard them discussing it! There were three girls in front of me at the checkout line in Foodland the other day, actually, and one of them had the most gorgeous long hair, it was nearly to her waist, and a natural bright red. The other girls had short brown hair with blonde highlights that barely reached their shoulders. The two short-haired girls were attacking the long haired girl with, "You should totally cut your hair. It just...hangs there! It has no style to it!"

The red-haired girl answered, "I like it long, I like the way it looks, what's wrong with it?"

The other two girls were about to answer back, but I butted in. "I think it's gorgeous. Long hair IS a hair style! You can wear it in buns, braids, ponytails, pigtails, or even just down! They can't do any of that."

The girl smiled at me, and noticing my own hair is past my waist, she replied, "Thanks, yours is gorgeous too. I want mine to be that long someday." Mission accomplished!

Some of the sites I visited online suggested keeping a hair journal, recording date and length, so it's obvious to you that it's growing.

So, ok. Today is September 17, 2008. My hair is exactly 36 inches long. (I measured it with the tape measure I use when sewing) Let's play ball!! :)

My Very First Post, Ever!

I just joined today, and I'm still kind of exploring the site! I'm a stay at home mom of five kids, and this is actually one of those rare moments when I'm alone, and able to sit down to the computer. So hopefully, the posts will be longer in the future!

I am kind of pissed today...my oldest daughter (6 yrs) got in trouble at school yesterday. They call it "pulling a card", and she pulled a card for laughing in the lunchroom! I mean, really?! So, I will talk to the teacher after school today, to find out what's going on. It's possible there's more to the story, so I'll give the teacher a chance to explain it to my liking. If it's really nothing, I'm not punishing her for it! I'm sorry, but it just seems so silly to me!

On a happier note, the second Gamers movie is out...Gamers: Dorkness Rising! YAY!!! My husband, brother, and our gaming friends have been waiting four years for that movie to come out! So we're pretty stoked.