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Well, the party was Saturday, and I think it went well! 

It was really nice to have simplified the event to the point that I could actually mingle and socialize with our guests! Normally, with the theme parties, when you plan so many games and activities, it's hard to shuttle the kids from one thing to the next. And the mess is tremendous!! (Although, my family is usually pretty nice about volunteering to help clean up)

This year, with a simplified menu and no over-the-top party games, the house really didn't look that much messier afterward than it does on a daily basis. With five kids...ok, six, counting hubby...it can get pretty bad sometimes. Just use your imagination! ;) But we just did pizza, chips, a veggie tray, and cupcakes. We needed no flatware whatsoever; all finger foods!

The surprise guest was my husband's sister, who lives in Memphis, TN. We had invited her family, but had not really expected them to be able to make it. But...she came! And brought her three kids, who are 10, 6, and 1.

Other guests included another family with five kids; one with four kids; a mom of two; my parents, step-parents, in-laws, and brother; my grandparents, aunt and uncle; and of course, my own kids. Lol. :P So...a houseful, yes!

The girls got a lot of clothing, money, coloring books and crayons, a couple of Bratz dolls (which I think are cute! So many people hate them, Lol), the new Barbie movie, a few Veggie-Tales DVDs we didn't have, and a few other toys I can't remember. (Sorry! Lol)

Angelina's actual birthday is this Saturday, the 27th, so we'll do something special just for her on that day! Ditto that for Autumn, on October 2. :)


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